Photographic Instruction


ferdy neubauerMr. Neubauer is now offering private instruction and expertise in 35+ years in professional photography, having been awarded through the years many accolades from theProfessional Photographers of America, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania and others.

Learn the Art of Lighting, Posing and Composition when creating portraits for photographic art forms. Learn about advertising and marketing that makes the difference in you succeeding as a professional photographer.

Learn all about wedding photography from shooting the wedding, equipment, avoiding burnout and proper marketing to take you to the top.

For further information call 919-387-1392 about one-on-one classes that are tailored to your needs.



First of all, Photo Session/Tutorial with you was excellent. I learned a lot and lot of my photography related issues were answered by you thoroughly. In my book you’re a Gentlemen and a Scholar. I wish I had spent more time with you… You’ve lot of knowledge and experience to share with new Photographers like me. For all that big THANK YOU…
The day I spent with you was priceless in attaining Photography knowledge. A lot of doubts that I had in regards to Portrait Photography were cleared by you. You gave me examples to solidify my understanding. Also, you clarified lot of my doubts about post processing.

You’re a very kind instructor and very knowledgeable Photographer. Coming to you was money well spent. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. The experience I got is priceless. I would recommend one to one training with you to anyone.

Ramesh T




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